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RBS Travel Money

The Royal Bank of Scotland offers a financial solution for people planning to travel abroad called RBS travel money. Unlike a Travelers Cheque, travel money always comes in the form of a pre-paid card. It is intended to take the place of whatever monies an individual uses to make day-to-day purchases, as well as mitigate risk during travel.

How it Works

There are several ways in which a person can obtain RBS travel money. The easiest is to go directly to the source; The Bank of Scotland. Travel money can be ordered using a simple online form, at which point people can choose whether they want to have it delivered to their home, or pick it up at the local branch. The Bank of Scotland can only deliver to the homes of people on the British mainland, and in Northern Ireland.

There is a minimum of £100 and a maximum of £3,000 per order. However, if a traveller needs more, they can place multiple orders. Deliveries to the home are free of charge.

There are other means in which to obtain RBS travel money. The post office sells travel money cards that can initially be loaded with up to £750 but once registered, that figure rises to £5,000. RBA travel money can be used worldwide in over 36 million locations, in more than 200 countries, and there is never any fees to pay.


There are a variety of reasons why people opt to carry a travel money card, rather than cash, while on vacation. The benefits of ordering and loading an RBA travel money card far exceed the risks of an individual bringing their cards from home.


RBA travel money cards can be used just like a regular debit or credit card. If cash is absolutely necessary during a trip, it can be used to withdraw cash from over 1.5 million ATMs worldwide. There are also apps available to load additional funds on a card using a smartphone.

Safety and Security

Since RBA travel money is separate from an individual's main account, if it is lost or stolen, their daily checking and savings account will be unaffected. The card also deters people from carrying cash around, which is a big risk to take when traveling.

No Limit

Unlike a regular credit or debit card, RBA travel money cards have no limit. That's because they are pre-loaded with funds that are immediately available in full. This saves people the hassle of having to phone their bank in the middle of an activity because they reached a daily limit.

Fixed Rates

One advantage to an RBS travel money card is that when the foreign currency is added, the rates will remain fixed—regardless of how much the exchange rates in the market change. The money loaded on the travel card remains unaffected. This allows for superior exchange rates when the trip is over. It is also particularly helpful when budgeting for a vacation, as the amount of foreign currency on a money card does not fluctuate. There are indeed many ways of making the most of your travel abroad; consider RBS Travel Money one of those ways.

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