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Natwest Currency Exchange Rate

Natwest is renowned for offering many different types of transfer services to its customers, both standard and international. Even when they are traveling, it provides several facilities. Once of such facilities is Natwest's Travel Money. Natwest Travel Money allows the customers the liberty to use a Traveller's Cheque for any sort of payment instead of carrying hard currency/cash with them on their tours.

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Even in today's world of debit and credits card, a lot of people prefer using cash. With cash, still being the number one mode of payment, there is hardly any place on earth that does not accept it yet there are several places that would not accept debit or credit cards. Moreover, when travelling, a lot of banks charge debit and credit card fees for using their facility in a foreign land. Also, the uneven and hiked exchange rate can become a cause of concern for the customers. Instead of saving themselves from the hassle of carrying cash, they end up paying more. In such circumstance and especially during travelling, having cash is not only the best way to go about it but also the cheapest option.

While carrying cash in form of foreign currency is easy, it can also be dangerous. Getting robbed or pick pocketed can result in various problems for the person concerned. Foreign country and no money can be the worst case scenario for any tourist. Hence, to prevent customers from incurring extra debit and credit card costs and to prevent them from being left with no money, Natwest offers Travel Money. The term is self-explanatory, the customer is allowed to travel with their money in form of a Traveller's Cheque and can use it as a mode of payment instead of hard cash.

Natwest Currency Exchange

To avail the facility of Traveller's Cheque, the customers are allowed to book their order up to 10 days before the date they wish to collect it on. Natwest allows orders booked before 2pm on a certain date to be ready for collection the next working day after 1pm. Moreover, if a customer has booked his/her order after 2pm on a certain date, then it will be available for delivery and collection in 2 working days' time.

Natwest has a clear policy of not charging any commission on any of their Traveller's Cheques except for the Pound Sterling ones. The latter has a 1% commission charged to it which constitutes to be a minimum of £3 and maximum of £25. It even allows its customer to opt for home delivery for which they charge £5 for any Traveller's Cheque of an amount value of less than £500. Any Traveller's Cheques picked up from any of Natwest branches has no delivery fee charged to it.

Customers are also allowed to order emergency next day delivery of Traveller's Cheques. In such a case, they would have to bear a cost of £5 to avail this facility but the time limit of ordering between 3-3.30 pm is attached to it. The emergency Traveller's Cheques would be ready for collection the next working day after 1pm. For collections of any orders on Saturdays, customers are requested to place their order on Thursdays by 2pm.

There are certain limitations attached to the issuance of Traveller's Cheques. A customer can obtain a Traveller's Cheque of a minimum value of £100 and maximum £2500 per transaction. And the maximum value they can obtain in 60 days' time period is of £5000 and not more.


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    When collecting your Cash or Travellers Cheques from any NatWest branch, please ensure you bring your valid passport and the credit/debit card you used to pay for this order.

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