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Lloyds Travel Money Services
Lloyds travel money is the ideal option for people who are planning holiday trips outside the country.

With this service, you order the currency of the country you’re travelling to and it gets delivered to your home. You do not have to worry about using prepaid cards abroad, instead, you can simply use cold hard cash.

How does Lloyds travel money work?
Normally, people travelling abroad would use their prepaid cards when shopping. Others wait till they’re in the country they’re travelling to before exchanging their own currency for the local currency of the country.

The problem with either of these is the rates at which you’ll be charged. Some banks inflate the rates they charge on prepaid cards being used abroad. While you still have the option of exchanging your currency for the local currency while in the country, you could still be charged extremely high exchange rates.

Lloyds travel money gets rid of all these inconveniences. With Lloyds travel money, you simply buy the amount of the local currency of the country you’re travelling to right in your home country.

This foreign currency then gets delivered straight to your house (only if you live in the British mainland or Northern Ireland). This way, you already have the local currency of the country you’re visiting without having to rely on prepaid cards and their exorbitant rates or having to go through the rigour of changing your currency in the country you’re visiting.

Some might argue that there are no benefits with having the local currency of the country you’re visiting delivered directly to you. This is not the case however.

Benefits of using Lloyds travel money
The benefits attached to using this service include, but are not limited to:

With this service, you get free delivery of your travel money to your home if you ordered it before 3PM.

Your travel money is then delivered within the next working day by Royal Mail Special Delivery

Quick travel money
This is particularly useful if you’re in a tight spot and need the travel money quickly, you can get Euros instantly in more than 650 branches.

US Dollars can be obtained instantly in more than 150 branches. This speed of getting money is why Lloyds travel money is preferred by most travellers.

No fees attached
There are no fees attached when you purchase foreign currency from Lloyds travel money.

This means that you get the exact equivalent of your currency in foreign funds. For example, when you buy Dollars with Euros, you get the exact equivalent of what you bought in Dollars.

No stress involved
Since you are getting the foreign currency delivered straight to your address, you are saved a lot of stress.

More often than not, there are usually long waiting times involved in changing your currency once abroad. With this service, the stress involved in doing so is completely mitigated.

Return of Leftover Foreign currency,
Now, you will like this one. When you purchase foreign currency using this service and for some reason are unable to spend it all completely while abroad, Lloyds bank will purchase the currency back from you and pay you in your own local currency. Note that the price at which they buy the foreign currency back may differ from the price it was sold to you.

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