Published on 14 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The “World Wide Wallet” or WWWCard is a prepaid card which caters you with a secured and reliable online shopping on all the websites and from any corners of the globe in a useful manner.

WWWcard is truly an effective and innovative methodology of paying for products and services that are being purchased online. Hence, by accessing your pre loaded WWWCard, the online shopping will become much quicker, simpler and secured compared to the others.

Features and Benefits:

Being a virtual prepaid card it eminently allows an individual to apply, receive and even manage his/her card just by holding the mouse for a few moments. Apart from this, you can also purchase and load an innumerable number of WWWCards just by logging in their official website. You will be further provided with the privilege of checking your balance and all other necessary statements at your utmost convenience. You can also access a Visa card while purchasing and loading a WWWCard online and soon it will be available for usage. And, in case the user limit of the WWWcard has been exceeded, simply reload it within few seconds.

By accessing the WWWCard, you can resist yourself in regard of becoming a spendthrift. Now, you can effectively circumscribe your online purchases in respect of controlling your budget with firm hands.

Again, the WWWCard whole heartedly permits you to shop online for all the products and services in a secured manner. However, you can enjoy this facility only from those websites which accepts the Visa cards. Apart from this, the WWWCard also protects your privacy and guarantees your secrecy to the fullest. By accessing the private password, you can view all the necessary information regarding your credits and charges at the earliest.

How to apply?

Once you complete the sign up process, you are liable to avail a WWWCard directly from the website, accompanied with your identity proof, details of your Visa card and others.


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