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Published on 18 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

World First are foreign currency exchange providers in International money transfers

If you are buying property abroad, you will have to pay for the property in the currency of the country you are buying in. Equally, if you are selling your overseas property, World First can help you repatriate the sale proceeds back to your domestic currency.

Emigrating / returning from abroad?

If you are emigrating, you will have to convert your funds into the currency of the country you are moving to. Alternatively, if you are returning from abroad, we can help you repatriate your funds.

Making a regular or one-off international payment?

If you’re making a regular or one-off international payment, World First can provide you with the foreign currency you require at the best available exchange rate.

World First regular payment plans are hassle-free, cost-effective and can be set up for any regularity. Perfect if you’re living abroad but receiving a UK pension, paying for an overseas mortgage or working abroad and transferring your salary.

Foreign exchange hedging strategies

If you are buying or selling a property abroad, you may be exposed to significant risk due to constant fluctuations in exchange rates. World First strategies help you to manage your foreign exchange risk by protecting you from adverse rate movements and enabling you to benefit from favourable rate movements.

Cash currency

Whether you require cash for a holiday or sending money overseas or you need to make a bank transfer under £1,000 World First can help.

World First can maximise the currency you need

World First have market experts which can will help you to do your trade in exchange currency at the right time. This is extremely important as currency markets are constantly moving where exchange rates go up and down throughout the day. By using World First foreign exchange experts they can advise you on what factors are going to affect your currency trade and which way the markets are moving. World First will help you to trade when exchange rates are in your favour which will maximise the currency you receive. Plus they do not charge commission and there is no charge for transfer fees.

World First providing peace of mind

World First use the most secure, reliable methods available to make your international payments. You can be confident that your money will arrive where you need it, when you need it and are FSA regulated keeping your money safe and secure.

World First Direct contact with your Account Manager

World First will assign you a personal account manager directly, to discuss any money transfer abroad trades you need to make. This way you can get sound advice making the decision that is best for you.

International money transfers provided by

World First – Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority


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