Wolves Card

Published on 20 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Wolves card is a great option from the masters of financial portfolio and money management in Wolverhampton.

What are features of the Wolves card?

It is unique in the sense that it is in no way linked to credit portfolio analysis. There is in no sense any interest levied or to be paid making your transactions worriless. Moreover there is no overdraft charges, neither any late payment fees. As the card is in no way linked to credit management principles, it needs no credit checks or credit facilities.

The age is not a criterion to acquire this card. Now you can be 16 and easily apply for the card with no parallel headaches. The card doesn’t formulate you to stay particularly in the UK or possess a specified bank account. Such features in reality set a benchmark and ease the application process of the customer. Last but not the least the most striking feature is that it being a VISA card, finds huge acceptance. It can be very well used via telephone, internet or ATMs wherever the visa sign is portrayed.

What are the costs accrued with the Wolves card?

There are no charges accrued whatsoever with standing orders, though an amount of £9.95 is usually charged without standing orders. Annual card management without the April/may promotional offer carries a charge of £4.95 .To load the card, fees varies according to location. For example to load the card at the stadium you need a fee of £0.50, whereas to load the Wolves card at the bank counter a fee of £1.00 is usually accrued. To load the card by bank transfer, standing order, online by debit card or online by credit card fees of 3% (min £1.00), 3% (min £1.00), 3% (min £1.00), 3% (min £2.00) is accrued respectively.


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