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Published on 17 September 2017 by Raffick Marday

Weswap Card Reviews

WeSwap offers an imaginative distributed travel money benefit, giving explorers access to particularly focused rates and shabby currency through their multi-currency prepaid card.

The thought is straightforward. Instead of purchasing currency from a bank or somewhere else, WeSwap trades your money specifically with different explorers going the other way. By taking the go-betweens endlessly, everybody shows signs of improvement rates and more to spend abroad.

WeSwap swaps money at the "genuine" mid-advertise conversion scale (the interbank rate) and charges only 1% to finish everything, which is amazingly shabby contrasted with banks, departments, other prepaid cards and pretty much any other individual.

All money is stacked on the multi-currency WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard you get with the expectation of complimentary when you join, so it's primary, shoddy and safe to spend as well.

It's all as simple as Load, Swap, and Spend.

Weswap Card Review

Other key advantages include:

  • The WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard underpins up to 16 monetary forms on the double so that you can keep your Euros, Dollars and more in one simple place.

  • Fully bolstered portable application, so you can check your adjust and best up your record moving
  • Free best up by bank exchange or platinum card
  • Free to spend in shops, inns and on the web
  • Free ATM withdrawals over £200
  • No application expense, yearly charge or POS exchange charges.
  • Use at more than 34 million outlets that demonstrate the MasterCard Acceptance Mark

Application Process 4 Stars.

You can apply for your WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard online using the WeSwap website. You can join utilizing email, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

  • Apply Online: There is a straightforward online application process that expects candidates to enter their Name and Date of Birth and acknowledge the terms and conditions to make your WeSwap account. WeSwap expects you to approve your record by including a couple of more insights about yourself, and your sparkly new WeSwap paid ahead of time MasterCard is conveyed to you upon sufficient approval of the points of interest you provide. WeSwap even sends you an email when your card is in the post. That is it – your card is en route and ought to be with you within 7-10 days.

Weswap Prepaid Card Reviews

Card Features 5 Stars.

  • No stacking, reloading or ATM expenses
  • Peer to Peer currency trade that costs you as meager as 1.00% and
  • 16 Currencies were accessible on one currency card –

Card Design 4 Stars.

One dark honeycomb card plan that is certain to make them the buzz!

Card Fees 5 Stars.

The WeSwap Prepaid Card is accessible in 16 monetary standards! The charges in GBP areas underneath yet proportionate expenses and breaking points can be found on the WeSwap website.

WeSwap Travel Money App

Record Management 5 Stars.

You can deal with your WeSwap prepaid card utilizing the online record dashboard which accompanies a far-reaching set of record administration offices. A portion of the online record administration choices gave include:

  • day in and day out access to your assets online to change that money into the foreign currency of your picking.
  • Manage your money and move subsidies between the 16 monetary standards on your wallet and
  • The view you adjust, exchange history and some other action on your WeSwap account.
  • You can likewise utilize the WeSwap iPhone and Android App's to deal with your record.

Utilizing Abroad 4.5 Stars.

With 16 monetary forms on one currency card and an astounding FX rate between 1-1.5%, the WeSwap prepaid card is a perfect travel accomplice!

There are no exchange expenses for utilizing your card in any of the 16 monetary standards on your card and ATM withdrawals over £200 or comparable are likewise free. There is a charge of £1.50 for withdrawals under £200, and you can make up to 2 withdrawals for each day. On the off chance that an exchange is made in a currency other than one of the 16 monetary forms, the proper money wallet will be charged subject to that 1-1.50% FX expense.

As a MasterCard marked Prepaid card, the WeSwap prepaid card can be utilized at more than 34 million retail stores that acknowledge MasterCard worldwide too to make withdrawals at more than 2 million ATM's.

WeSwap App

Reload Options 3 Stars.

You can stack your Prepaid card from Weswap in various FREE ways

  • Check card Online: FREE.
  • Bank Transfer: FREE.

Note: The base load sum is £50 with a most extreme single heap of up to £3,000. You can have a most extreme merged card adjust of £6,000 overall monetary forms. Equal points of confinement apply in different monetary ways.

Protests Procedure 5 Stars.

The WeSwap Customer Services group is accessible from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. They attempt to determine all request promptly. However certain sorts of an application must be resolved amid normal business opening hours. You can get in touch with them utilizing the customer services contact alternatives recorded previously.

The WeSwap has won some rave audits in the press and broadsheet media. Watch this space.


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