WAYN prepaid international MasterCard

Published on 15 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Now, by accessing the WAYN prepaid international MasterCard all the existing members of WAYN.com, a leading travel and lifestyle social networking community can control and manage their cash with utmost security. It’s mainly a lifestyle card that has been launched juxtaposing with the Tuxedo Money Solutions, an essential card provider. They have been facilitating nearly 10.8 million members while managing their funds online, over the phone and even through SMS.

The international MasterCard has great value for your money as it saves more than any other high street banks or credit cards, which charges a lot amount when used abroad. Hence, this card can be termed as a pre requisite for the independent travelers, holiday makers, business travelers, gap year students and for others.

Again, unlike others the WAYN prepaid international MasterCard is not directly linked to your bank account and thus automatically reduces the risks of any kind of internet fraud and cyber crime. In addition, whenever there arises any sort of emergencies, your friends and family members can recharge the card from any remote corners of the planet. You also don’t need to worry at all in case you lost the card or it has been stolen. In this situation, the card gets blocked and a replacement will be provided to you at the earliest.

All the card holders can effectively grant the privileges of sharing the funds with friends and family not only in UK, but also in the overseas. This entire process takes place through the account service which securely transfers the funds from one card to another. It even allows all the customers to text instructions through their mobiles in order to lock their card, re-activating the funds and lots of other features. Whenever, you are running low on balance, you will be sent SMSs at frequent intervals.


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