Via Money MasterCard Prepaid Card

Published on 14 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Via Money MasterCard Prepaid Card is mainly a payment card where you are most welcome to load huge amount of funds. Although, it resembles with a credit or debit card accompanied with a card number, chip and signature strip, but at the same time it caters with a line of credit. Again, unlike a credit card, you are not allowed to borrow money while accessing a prepaid card, instead, you are only liable to spend the funds that you have loaded into the prepaid card.

What benefits can you expect from the Via Money Prepaid Card?

Once an individual possess a Via money eccount, he/she will be able to grab a personalized MasterCard Prepaid Card.

By using this prepaid MasterCard, now you can withdraw the money from any registered cash machines available throughout the nation and even worldwide. You will be further provided with the facility of spending, sharing and even receiving the deposited amount of funds by accessing the Via Money prepaid card.

Again, the Via Money card generally endows with a personalized manner along with your name. You will also be provided the liberty of opting multiple cards for your family and friends, according to your choice.

While using The Via Money prepaid card, you can even top up the former at any point of time and from anywhere according to your utmost flexibility and convenience.

A person can use the Via Money prepaid card at over 25 million retail outlets available worldwide. Whenever, you use the via money card, the price of the purchase gets deducted from the total amount of money loaded in your card.

Now, you can also purchase by phone, mail and also through the new media or internet. Hence, the Via Money MasterCard Prepaid Card is much safer and convenient than carrying cash in your wallet.


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