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Published on 29 August 2014 by Raffick Marday

Have you ever compared the deals you get from your bank accounts? Now, since there are more banks, higher interest savings accounts and building societies than there was before, why stagnate at the same old deals of your bank, when there are whole lot of options available?

One of the largest bank in United Kingdom is the Ulster Bank. Its provides you with many facilities like current account, savings accounts, investment, credit cards, insurance, loans and mortgaging. It also comes along with online banking services.

The ulster bank serves the needs of all kinds of customers. Be it private or business clients, Ulster provides unmatched service and facilities to all.

For personal clients, the Ulster bank come with the following facilities

-Daily banking- current accounts, debit cards, anytime banking, mobile banking etc
-Borrowing- mortgaging, loans, credit cards, managing debts
-Savings- regular savings, instant access, medium term, long term, youth savings, financial planning
-Insurance- home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, life assurance
-Private- service, current accounts, savings and investments, private benefits etc.

Ulster bank wished to be a more helpful bank – for businesses as well as individuals. Hence, they make it clear what they offer their business clients as well as understanding and support for their business. They help their clients with business deals and commitments. They offer a wide of products like

-Current account
-Online banking
-Deposits and investments
-Business loans and finance
-Invoice finance
-Commercial cards
-International banking.

They have been appraised because of their innovation, excellent customer service and unmatched products. They are always on the front of providing exclusive services like mobile banking, text message banking, podcasts and vodcasts, and also an online space provided for customers to communicate with them as well as other customers.


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