Towah MasterCard Prepaid Card

Published on 14 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Towah MasterCard Prepaid Card, being a beneficial one is generally provided to them who have upgraded their membership from free to paid membership. Towah with its growing popularity has been able to acquire members from over 130 countries across the globe and thereby providing its prepaid card service worldwide. Again, abiding by the rules and regulations of the MasterCard network, it has decided to exclude customers from any particular sanctioned areas to guarantee full conformity with the former.

What benefits can you expect from the Towah MasterCard?

This MasterCard Prepaid Card is mainly imprinted with the card holder’s name, accompanied with the advanced chip and PIN technologies. It can be ardently used as a means of payment in more than 25 million points of sale throughout the world. It can also be used for all the online purchases.

Again, being a prepaid card it is always pre loaded with the deposited funds of the card holder and there hardly exists any direct link to their bank account or credit allowances. Thus, quite expectedly it enhances the security of the customer to a large extent.

In addition, Towah has consistently maintained a simple fee structure averting all kinds of maintenance costs, further enhancing its immense popularity amongst the masses.

Apart from this, you can deposit a maximum amount of ₤6,000 in the Towah MasterCard a considerable amount compared to the other prepaid cards prevalent in the market. This further enables all the customers to use it as their “Top of the Wallet” card.

How to apply?

While applying for a Towah MasterCard Prepaid Card, an individual must be a member of the Towah Members Club. The membership is absolutely free of cost and there are hardly any strings attached to it. In order to apply for the membership, firstly you need to register with one of the renowned merchants accessing the Towah payment System or else you can even register for a Funtelo Phone Card available on it’s official website.


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