Titanium Cashplus prepaid MasterCard

Published on 13 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Titanium Cashplus prepaid MasterCard serves the faithful role of electronic transaction mode to ease away customer discomfort with cash handling. If you already have an existing Cashplus account, you can easily apply for the prepaid MasterCard. This works fast solely because, the authorities can get hold of your account details and your identity proof documents to verify your application. All you need is an active account loaded with fund to meet your purchase costs made through the card, anytime and anywhere. The card holder can purchase up to 20 payments in one month. Always pay in four days time period after making the purchase on your card to meet up the default criteria. The payment related tools can be accessed on the member’s area portal placed in the official site.

The first three payments made through the card are charged. A customer needs to pay a minimal amount of 99p. All the amount purchases made after that are non chargeable, one no longer requires paying for them. Clients should keep in mind to keep the account filled with appropriate amounts four days prior to their purchases. The time period give the authorities an edge to process the funds with greater ease.

The keystones a client needs to keep in mind while using the card

The card allows you to draw out funds up to £5,000 during a single transaction process. In addition to this, one should maintain the four day grace period. The card issuing authorities can re-schedule payment process in case of less amount in the account. In this connection the cardholder has to enquire about the next processing day that has being fixed. Transactions made against wrong payee cannot be refunded, thus it is advisable that you need to be careful while making payments through your Titanium Cashplus prepaid MasterCard.


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