Times MasterCard Prepaid Card

Published on 13 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Trust with awe -for Times Mastercard Prepaid Card, has been able to give its customers a reason to do the both. Security quotients are high with Times mastercard, as the organization vouches for the best to be delivered to its clients. Further the client can avail their exclusive eccount online money saving facility, which allows all account holders to get access to their funds round the clock. Purchasing through the card seems equally lucrative. It hardly matters on which part of the globe you wish to go, as long as the shops, hotels and restaurants know about the MasterCard emblem. Your Times Prepaid does all the paying.

The benefits that keeps you ahead of the others

Managing your card becomes the first criteria that Times Prepaid ensures to meet. Having your eccount account active holds the key to keeping money in the right track. Telebanking is in vogue and with Times each of our customers can perform their balance transaction in a hassle free manner. The unique mobile eccount direct service allows client to keep up with their account details through text codes. These would include codes to block your cards, if in case your prepaid card is lost..

Variations are maintained in order to help the clients get their specific demands answered at the earliest. The authorities would need your card number in order to follow up with the complaints. The complaint texting charges are levied as per your network rules. The costs for availing the precautionary services would be 20p.

Getting the prepaid card

Each client needs to pay an amount of £12 to issue a card under their names. Customers can buy card not only for their personal use, but also for other family members and close acquaintance. You need to be 18 years old and a registered citizen of UK to yield all the said benefits of Times Mastercard Prepaid Card.


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