The Co-Operative Bank

Published on 26 August 2014 by Raffick Marday

The Co-operative bank has been awarded as the world’s most Sustainable Bank. Personal information of clients is kept absolutely safe as safety of such information is very crucial to them. All the information given if absolutely secured with the latest encryption technology and cookies so as to protect the clients.

The Co-operative bank offers the following services to the customers

è Current accounts

è Savings accounts

è Mortgages

è Loans

è Credit card

è Offshore banking

è Internet banking

The Co-operative bank offers numerous types of current accounts suitable to the needs of every kind of customer. Some of them being

ü Privilege premier current account: over £ 800 worth extras are given free for a year. Beyond that other facilities are given such as worldwide family travel insurance, UK and European motor breakdown, mobile phone insurance for up to 4 sets, unique credit card rate of 11.9% APR, 20% discount on home loans, discount card.

ü Privilege current account : over £ 600 worth extras are given for a year. Other facilities are, £200 interest and fee-free overdraft, 11.9%APR, various mortgage deals and discount cards.

ü Current account plus- subscription to this account is free. Other facilities like fee-free £200 overdraft are offered.

ü Standard current account: it is meant for daily bank needs. There is an optional overdraft facility available, chequebook and debit card.

The Co-operative bank offers a few range of savings accounts

ü ISA- saving start with a minimal amount of £ 1. One can save upto £ 5,100 per tax year. One call also invest in stocks and shares.

ü Smart-saver – it pays same interest rate always. Offers instant access and ATM card.

ü 3years fixed term deposit- offers 3.75% interest rate, low risk and fixed returns

ü Children savings accounts- an absolute kickstart to your child’s financial life.


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