Tesco Instant Access Savings

Published on 28 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

Human beings never had it so easy to save. Tesco Instant Access Savings is the most convenient way of saving. You can save time and save money when you do your savings online. The easiest way modern civilization is availing is banking or transferring funds online to their respective accounts. One can even do the same over phone or can avail the ATM card from the bank and use the 32,000 cash machines all over the country to deposit or withdraw cash for your financial needs. You can also have the most conventional way of depositing cash or cheque by personally going to the concerned bank’s branch and deposit at the customer service desk or even in your nearest local Tesco Store.

The bank always encourages savings and they offer more money earned with more savings. This generation now have a fruitful reason to save making it easier to face their uncertain future. The interest paid by the bank could be paid on a monthly basis or on an annual basis. This account can be opened by an adult only but the same adult can use this accounts benefit or earning for the benefit and betterment of his or her son or daughter who is below 16-years of age. This savings has got an instant access and therefore you can have a look into the current status of your account 24-hours a day and being online you can also access your account 7-days a week so your bank is open all through for you without any holiday. Even if you are in a holiday you can still sneak out some time and log on to your net and get full information about your account for that particular period.

The interest rates are different for different amount of savings. You can start saving from £1 onward, at 0.75% Gross/ AER, if you save more than £10,000 the interest rate would go up to 1.00% Gross/AER and for those more than £50,000 the rates further moves up to 1.25% Gross/ AER. Tesco Instant Access Savings is an instant reason to save more.


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