Published on 30 August 2010 by Raffick Marday

Tesco Credit card, being a good little earner, provides you with all those facilities and advantages that you have always dreamt of.

You must have faced several adversities while applying for a credit card in the past and it generally occurs due to multiple reasons. They may be poor credit card rating, or your low income being a factor. Tesco truly understands all of these problems and with utter sincerity and devotion provides you with all those facilities and solutions that can mitigate your concerns.

Usage of Clubcard Vouchers: By accessing Tesco credit card, you can use your vouchers of the Clubcard both inside and outside of Tesco. If you wish, you also possess the liberty to transform it as rewards, or even Air-miles.

Protection against Fraudulence: The in-built card security system protects you and your finances from the scams which are common these days. Tesco Secure and Fraudsafe further bear relevance of the above mentioned fact, by playing a crucial role in providing your credit card with the safest security means available on this planet.

Online Servicing: Tesco cards make life simpler. With Tesco credit card online facilities, you no longer need to bear the hardship of traveling a long distance to interact with the bank manager. Instead, you will be able to save time by conducting all the necessary functions just sitting in front of your PC.

Dedicated Unit of UK Customer Service: The customer services team is always there to assist you in each and every means possible. It includes making payments, inspecting the balance and appealing for a balance transfer, setting up a direct debit and similar other sort of establishments.

Their main objective is to satisfy their clients and through relentless hard work and dedication, they have become successful in achieving the same in an eminent manner.


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