Student Addition Account

Published on 1 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The student addition account is a student account with no monthly fee. You are permitted for Interest-free overdraft up to £ 2,000. Along with that, you also get exclusive offers from Phones 4u on mobile phones, broadband and laptops. You can view real-life student stories and conversation at 100voices.

It shall be suitable for you if you need an interest-free overdraft. It shall also be good for you if you would like a student account with no monthly fee and if you are a full-time student

What Are The Benefits Of Student Addition Account?

The student addition account comes with exclusive access to deals with Phones 4u (until 31 December 2010). You can apply for an interest-free overdraft limit to what you need, up to £2,000 interest free overdraft. For more details you can see Student overdraft from our website. You may apply for a Personal Reserve limit that gives you an extra agreed amount for life's little emergencies. You can also get a contactless Debit cards, subject to status. We help you to manage your money better, with free Text Alerts about your account to your mobile. You are also given mobile Banking so that you can view balances and transactions. You can also top up your mobile at our ATMs. You can do banking with the help of our Online, Telephone and Mobile Banking facility with a dedicated student team a phone call away. We always have at least one branch within 1.5 miles of 94% of the UK's top universities.

Beyond all these facilities, we also have Barclays loyalty mortgages; which mean that our Current account customers can get better mortgage deals Subject to status and availability.

How To Apply?

Existing customers can apply in any branches, new customers can fill an application form. You can also apply on phone.


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