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Published on 10 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

STA Travel MasterCard resolves the traveling blues faced by those frequent holidaying families. The cardholder can roam about in exotic destinations and they can enjoy their trips without having to worry about cash. This is simply because STA prevents you from carrying cash all together. Your finances including your expenditure and balance transfers get controlled through this slight cash alternative. Being set apart from all the existing bank accounts, you actually get the freedom to make use of it as per your own preferences.

Benefits you can count upon

Customers often feel insecure about their overwhelming expenditures. STA Travel MasterCard helps the cardholder to curb such tendencies. This is mostly regulated through the holding off money option. One gets the privilege to transfer card balances into their eccount from time to time. This can also be viewed as a precautionary measure to keep your money safe, even in cases of losing or misplacing the card. Travel MasterCard would also indicate that you don’t need to carry those traveler’s cheques anymore. At the same time, the troubles of currency exchanges are taken carte of, as STA Travel MasterCard is recognized worldwide.

STA MasterCard enables customers to withdraw cash from ATMs all over the world; all you need is to change where the cash machine accepts MasterCard. Issuing a card is never a painful affair. The STA team does not look into the applicants’ credit history; neither do they spend quality time analyzing their identity proofs. One needs to carry a copy of their passport or they can show any of the recognized identity proving documents. Top up facilities are provided through 14500 post office branch offices and one can even get the same facility from exist Paypoint outlets. When running out of funds, just call up friends and family to top up your card-you can now share your money through this unique MasterCard.


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