sQuidcard Prepaid Card

Published on 10 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

sQuidcard relates to the speed with which all your monetary transactions can be taken care of. You can finally quit fretting about the little cents and fudging on matters like paying the vendor to the exact. sQuidcard gets home all the shopping without troubling the cardholder of transaction processing delays. Carrying cash and coins goes out of fashion, with sQuidcard to manage your money, just the way your want it to be. Load-up the preferred balance on your card and you are all set to lead a better life for a change.

How to get your own sQuidcard?

The all-new sQuidcard is easily available from the official site. The company goes one step ahead and has opened up several sQuid stores – there’s one near everyone. Customers can visit any of these stores and learn about the ways they can own a card for themselves. sQuidcard, along with BSmart card, brings you the plastic money alternative issued by the Bolton Council.

Making use of the sQuidcard - the ‘Q’ has all the answer

The card can be made use of in all the stores that keep the Q reader in their billing section. All one needs to do is to hold their card across the unique Q reader, wait for some seconds to let the transaction get processed, and voila! Every card comes along with its own specific security code. All your balance transfers and purchases occur through the user-specified secret code. In case of an incomplete or failed transaction, the authorities advise the card holder to check their individual card balance details or consult the issuing departments at the latest. The customers have the privilege to reload their card through their online sQuidcard account. They can even make use of top-up facilities made available through registered retailers. What’s more, this card is meant for all. You don’t need to wait for your 18th birthday; even a seven-year-old can shop with the all-new sQuidcard!


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