Speedcard VEC

Published on 10 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Speedcard VEC caters to the demands of customers who are savvy shoppers, frequent travelers and at the same time, those are conscious about their finances. Many of the existing customers complain about the hassles they got to face while using high end credit or debit cards. Speedcard is meant for the ones who like to have an access to their money without having to wait over long drawn banking processes. All the shopping glitches, the traveling crisis and the cumulating anxiety over matters of saving money gets taken care off- just get a Speedcard.

The benefits which help you to rely on Speedcard VEC

Unlike major credit card issuing institutions, Speedcard recognizes the sentiments of the applying customers. Thus irrelevant of your credit payment history or status, you can apply for your new Speedcard VEC. The main idea working behind providing the clients with their own VEC card is to allow them to use their funds any time and from anywhere they feel like. Speedcard is made available to all and the authorities do not consider national borders! One just needs to be 18 years of age. Fill up the online form. You can get it done within minutes, for it is a single page application form-a perfect time saver. Next, the authorities are likely to issue an application number. You might have to provide the authorities with your digital signature. As an alternative you can even sent them a photocopy of any of your identity verification document.

Learn the ways to transfer money into your Speedcard VEC

The institution allows its customers a rare benefit of transferring money into their account through multiple options. One can transfer funds through the services facilitated by any of the Barclays branch offices. Having said this, one can chose to utilize their bank wire method for the same purpose.


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