Savings Direct 2 reviews

Published on 8 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The savings direct account from NatWest, offers you a flat rate. This means that the interest rate stays constant irrespective of the amount you save in your account. You are allowed to manage your account whichever way you wish to. You can choose to manage through phone, post or even online, whichever is easiest and most convenient for you. There are no penalties charged if you withdraw your money. There is basically no minimum balance, which means that you can start saving with £ 1! The monthly interest is paid direct into your account and the transfers are extremely fast. That indicates that it is easy to move money between savings direct account and you other Natwest accounts.

With this, you inculcate the habit of saving. We can set up a regular transfer from another Natwest account. You can also set up and track your own personal savings goal. This can be done through online banking.

You can get our terms and conditions for NatWest current accounts and savings accounts and information on fees and charges as PDFs online, and download it from there. We sometimes allow savings accounts to be controlled in a way that allows the customer to give trainings for a withdrawal or other payment which might not be met from the funds in the account. If this happens, we may apply charges to the account. You may read our leaflet Personal and Private Banking, which is a Guide to Fees and Interest which contains details of these charges.

Benefits Of Savings Direct

  • Flat rates
  • Online banking, or phone banking
  • No penalties
  • No minimum balance
  • Fast transfers
  • Savings habit

How To Apply?

You can apply online instantly from our website or you can also apply at any branch nearest to you.


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