Santander Zero Credit Card

Published on 3 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Managing your expenses abroad must be really cumbersome. Santander has introduced a card in easing your expenses. Now you can plan your trip quite easily, without spending an extra time.

Who is eligible for Santander Zero Credit Card?

To be eligible for this great product you need to be a current account holder with mortgage or investment portfolio. The other conditions follow with the same listed criteria of Santander.

What benefits you usually acquire with your Santander Zero Credit Card?

As the name of the card suggests, there is no payment for balance transfer for three months from the time the account is opened. That means on a balance transfer of ₤3000 you normally save ₤90 against other credit cards which normally charge 3%.You also pay nothing on interest front for the first six months from the time you open your account and simultaneously there is no interest charge for your purchases for the same period. That means you save a lot with your card. More relief is in the stores for you as you pay nothing for foreign exchange transactions. That means you pay only the price you see while you are abroad. You also will not be charged a dime in cash advance fees for your cash withdrawal from ATM. This rule is applicable both while you are in UK or traveling abroad.

What is the minimum pay rollout each month?

2.25% of the payment shown in your statement is required to be paid, ₤5 minimum or full amount if balance amount accrues to less than ₤5. It is advisable to stay within your credit limits to avoid any default charges.

What are the default payments?

A fee of ₤12 is charged for any late payments, over limit transactions or trace fee transactions when payment information is not updated.


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