Santander Postgraduate Current Account

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

If you are a postgraduate student then you can take reap the benefits of our Postgraduate Current Account with a 0% EAR (typical) overdraft which starts at £1,000 in the first year and add to up to £1,800 in the fourth year.

Benefits Of Using Santander Post Graduate Account?

  • 0% EAR (typical) overdraft – it keeps adding up and increases from £1,000 in the first year up to £1,800 in the fourth year.
  • Essentials – this consists of a Visa Debit card for absolutely uncomplicated simple, safe withdrawals and -purchases.
  • Easy access – customers get easy access to their own hard earned money and hence, they are allowed withdrawal of up to £300 a day, free of charge, and that too at any of the 1300 Santander UK cash machine.
  • Online banking – this facility is available for 24 hours, anywhere in the world.

How To Apply For Santander Postgraduate Current Account?

You can only apply for a Postgraduate Current Account in any one of our branches. You may find the branch most convenient to using our branch finder available online.

AER is the abbreviation for Annual Equivalent Rate and represents that what the interest would be if we paid interest and added it each and every year. The gross rate is the rate paid before income tax is taken off. Rates may keep varying and we pay interest each month regularly.

EAR is the abbreviation for Effective Annual Rate and stands for the yearly cost of an overdraft, which helps us in taking account of how often we lay the blame on interest to the account, and does not take account of any other fees or charges. Overdrafts depend on your conditions are and you must repay any overdraft when we inquire in line with our General Terms and Conditions.


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