Santander In Credit Account

Published on 15 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Santander In Credit Bank Account Review

Santander bank account provide agreat rate of 5% AER (fixed for one year) on balances up to £2,500. After one year, 1% AER (variable) applies. Balances over £2,500 earn 0.10% AER (variable). They provide a great current account with added benefits for no monthly fee whilst your account is in credit. Plus you get high interest savings. With a free Santander debit card attached to your account you can use at retail outlets or to withdraw cash from atms.

In addition Santander charge 0% EAR typical overdraft. With no usage fees for 4 months.

Why get a Santander Bank Account?

Santander will

give you 0% EAR typical overdraft. No usage fees on arranged overdrafts for 12 months from when you open the account (new customers only). A usage fee of 50p a day (up to £5 a month) applies after that. Maximum overdraft limit is £2,000.

Plus, free Telephone Banking and Branch Banking just pop into your local Santander branch. Plus you get free annual multi-trip European travel insurance

What sort of service do they offer?

Santander are one of the largest and safest banks in the world as they are part of Santander group. Santander have designed selection of bank accounts to suit your circumstances.

The Santander current account is designed to get all the banking facilities you require with no monthly fees as long as you pay a minimum of £1000 a month in to your bank account.

Santander Banking Benefits?

  • Links to Plus Saver
  • Free Santander debit card
  • 0% EAR typical overdraft
  • Free annual multi-trip European travel insurance
  • Mobile banking
  • 24 / 7 internet banking
  • Telephone banking and branch banking
  • £100 cashback when you open Premier Current Account

Mobile Banking Features

  • Free registration - Free online banking
  • Free balance enquiries
  • Free mini-statements
  • Instant top-up for prepay mobiles
  • Encrypted and secure

Who can apply for a Santander bank account?

To be able to have a In Credit Current Account, you must be over 18 and pay at least £1000 into your account every month (or fees may apply). Cash, cheques and your salary all count towards this monthly amount, and they can be spread out over a month. You need an e-mail address and access to the internet. , The form takes a few minutes to complete with an easy step by step guide and as you would expect secure website protection.

Once you completed the form you Santander will send you a letter in the post to confirm your account is opened. Your debit card can then be collected at a local branch.


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