Santander Graduate Account

Published on 30 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

With Santander graduate account you can get your finances working harder! Our Graduate Account is a one of the best ways to give you a head start after you leave university once you have graduated. You will be receiving an interest free overdraft of up to the amount of £2,000 to give you financial flexibility when you feel the need of it. It is truly amazing to see the way it functions and helps to manage your account flexibly.

Why To Use Santander Graduate Account?

The Santander graduate account is one unique account. It is one of its kind. The benefits you shall receive when you become an account holder of the graduate accounts are numerous. To name a few,

  • 0% EAR (typical) overdraft – you get an overdraft of up to £2,000, which gradually comes down in a span of over three years so that you can repay it off in affordable installments.
  • Preferential loan – you can take a loan of an amount up to £10,000 at 7.5% APR typical.
  • Essentials – the essentials consist of a Visa Debit card for simple, uncomplicated, trouble free and safe withdrawals and purchases.
  • Overdraft Manager – the overdraft manager helps you repay off £5,000 of your student debt in a period of over 3 years.
  • Easy access – you have easy access to your money from any cash machine, any of our 1300 branches and by phone.
  • Online banking – online banking is available for twenty four hours a day and for seven days of a week, anywhere in the world.

How To Apply

You can apply if you are:

  • minimum 19 years old
  • living permanently in the UK
  • have completed either:
    • your first undergraduate course
    • a postgraduate course; or
    • a HND or nursing training (at least a two-year course)


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