Santander 16-18 Current Account

Published on 29 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

If you are yet to open your first bank account, we present you two amazing ways to get started. Our accounts for those aged 16 to 18 permit you to manage your money, your way, while earning a top-notch interest rate on the first £500 in your account.

You have total control of your money with our 16-18 Current Account. You will obtain a high rate of interest, instantaneous access to your money at any time and a Visa Debit card that you can use at cash machines, online and in shops.

What Are The Benefits Of Santander 16-18 Current Account?

With Santander youth account, you get great rates. Which means, you can earn 3.00% AER interest on balances up to £500, as long as you pay a minimum of £50 into your bank account every month. Even better, if your parents have a Santander Current Account, you will receive a Youth Plus Account and get paid even more interest - 5.00%AER (typical). In addition to that you get a debit card. This visa debit card can be used by you for shopping and obtaining easy access to your cash. Moreover, you also get monthly statements. With the help of these monthly statements you can see how much money you have, and how much you’re spending. This helps you to guide you finances and limit yourself to your budget. We also provide the facility of online banking. With this you have complete access to your bank account for twenty four hours a day. We also provide you with a chequebook, in order to ease of your burden when you pay bills or make one-off payments for things like holidays.

How To Apply For Santander Youth Account?

Applying for Santander youth account is simple. You can apply online if you are between 16-18years.


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