Santander Business Tracker Bond

Published on 31 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

Santander’s Loyalty 1 Year Business Tracker is the just what the doctor orders if you are looking for a in the bag rate on a specific price or rate that your business can lock away for a period of time. For a period of 1 Year the bare minimum rate is 3.00% gross/AER and is guaranteed to make a movement with any Bank of England Base Rate increase or decrease, but it will never slide down below 3.00% gross/AER.

It is either available to customers who have a primary Business Bank Account relationship, or to those who switch to open a primary Business Bank Account, or have businesses with a Commercial Mortgage. Rate changes will come into effect the first of the month subsequent the Bank of England Base Rate change. Moreover, it is available for only those whose business savings range from £50,000 to £150,000. A one Year Business Tracker Bond paying 2.60% gross/AER is also available for all the customers who wish to make an account with this kind of specificities.

The details of interest rates are as follows-

For Loyalty 1 Year Business Tracker Bond, date of investing is from 8 November 2010 and the amount invested ranges from £ 50,000 up to £ 150,000 and with 3.00% gross rate. The maturity date would be 1 December 2011.

For the 1 Year Business Tracker Bond, the date of investing is from 8th November 2010, with an amount ranging from £50,000- £150,000 and with 2.60% gross rate, and 2.60% AER. The maturity date is again 1st December 2011.

This is indeed one of the best accounts available. It is a limited offer and hence customers need to utilize such opportunity in the maximum possible way. For any further details, please look forward in our official website.


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