Santander Business Direct Saver

Published on 30 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

With Santander business direct saver accounts, you get your surplus funds working harder! You can easily make money and earn a healthy income with the money saved in your account. Santander business direct saver account offers you the best schemes and rates so that you get the best service which are way ahead than what most other banks provide.

Why Choose The Santander Business Direct Saver Account?

Santander is indeed one of the most reputed banks nationwide. A bank with this repute and trustworthiness, obviously keeps it at a stand where it can be easily relied upon. Like all other accounts, the Santander business direct saver account is also extremely profitable for the customers. It provides the best rates and ensures the customers that their money it put to use in the best possible manner, such that they get the maximum possible gains. We also assure you unmatched customer service and hospitality. The benefits of this account are as follows-

  • Easy access: you can complete access to your money and you can withdraw your money from your account whenever you need to, from anywhere you wish.
  • Flexible: the account is extremely flexible and you can give colleagues access to your account if you choose.
  • Balances: you can save any amount in this account with a minimum of £1 up to a maximum amount of £2 million.

How to apply for Santander direct saver account?

To apply for Santander direct saver account, you can download the application form from the website and fill it up. You need to provide some information to the bank for security reasons. You need to give

-Personal and address details (at least 3 years) for each individual associated with your business.
-Details about your business.
-valid email address for each individual.


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