Sainsbury’s Nectar Credit Card

Published on 30 August 2010 by Raffick Marday

Are you worried by the fact of shopping at free will with your credit card? Are you aware of market trends in credit offerings and reward points of credit cards? Are you one of the kinds who wish to clear off balances by the end of the month? Are you a shopping freak looking for exciting reward options? Sainsbury understands your situation and has come out with innovative Nectar Credit Card to suite your needs.

Sainsbury finance has come out with Sainsbury’s Nectar Credit card, which doubles the Nectar points in consecutive two years.

Benefits from Your Sainsbury’s Credit Card

The card offers double nectar points in store and other petrol outlets and a balance transfer in two years. The extra nectar point guarantees a minimal percentage off in your Sainsbury shopping bill. The credit card is uniquely targeted to Sainsbury customers who needs card to sign on the deal. This card is highly beneficial to those who are looking for regular shopping at Sainsbury. Regarding the latest market scenario this card is quite better than the industry averages in interest rate on credit card purchases.

The loyalty platform with free schemes on purchasing capability and interest free options are unique in the ongoing credit card market availability. Love organizing your money online? It’s not a problem. You can update your transaction, payment and other details by signing on the secure banking online option. Monetary transactions and customer satisfaction feedbacks speak in favor of the top notch services given with these credit cards.

Who Can Apply For A Sainsbury’s Nectar Credit Card?

You're an eligible client if you belong to the following:

  • Must be a permanent UK address holder?
  • Must be over 18 years of age.
  • Have got a good credit standing in the last month.
  • Is a Sainsbury finance credit card holder.


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