Sainsbury’s MasterCard for Nectar Card Holders

Published on 30 August 2010 by Raffick Marday

Sainsbury’s MasterCard for Nectar Card Holders is mainly a reward credit card that runs across the entire MasterCard network. The credit card is offered by the Sainsbury’s bank as all the new-fangled customers used to enjoy a preliminary rate of 0.0% for the first three months on various purchases and another 0% for the balance transfers for nearly ten months. In addition, an individual can also access an interest free shopping of one year in all the Sainsbury’s stores available throughout the country.

Sainsbury’s MasterCard for nectar card holders redeem their customers from paying annual fees. All the users are provided with the privilege of enjoying a span of 59 days, where the transactions are interest free, keeping in note that the credit card balance is paid in full according to the terms and conditions, mentioned in the company’s brochure.

Nectar points can be regarded as one of the chief aspect that separates this credit card from the rest. More you spend, the Nectar points will raise automatically. Hence, you can earn two points for every single pound that you are going to spend at Sainsbury’s. Again, if you are going to spend it elsewhere, the calculation will be one point per five pounds.

If you are a frequent user of credit card at Sainsbury’s and you have already started collecting nectar points while shopping, then the master card could play a significant role in further enhancing your points tally in a vivacious manner. And the various other features are not set too affluently while covering the expenditures of the good rewards programs.

Again, Sainsbury’s MasterCard can be used abroad in an effective manner. You won’t be charged with any sort of commission fees while traveling in European countries and even in some of the middle-eastern countries like Turkey and Israel. This further proves their credibility and wide range of popularity in all corners of the world.


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