Sainsbury’s Easy Saver

Published on 27 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

We all love to do shopping and when we have an offer as tempting as Sainsbury’s Easy Saver then we just feel so satisfied. Sainsbury’s easy saver savings account has several advantages, and when an account holder deposits a minimum amount of £5,000, before 30 days of opening his or her account and continues to maintain this minimum amount for the next 2 years then he or she is rewarded with the double nector points on the Sainsbury’s shopping. The account holder has to carefully see that his minimum balance do not fall below £5,000 else he or she won’t be applicable for this double nector points. This scheme is applicable only for those who have opened their account from 6th October, 2009. This Easy Saver savings account gives the above points on all your Sainsbury’s shopping and fuel purchase for 2 years. When these points are added they are enough points to give a week’s free shopping. Now that’s incredible!

You have to have a nector card number to avail these nector points and the best thing is that you do not need any paper work. Just an application online will enable you to have your card number right in your laptop. And the card will be posted to your address. So you don’t even have to go to the bank for this. Even the easy saver account can be opened with an application online with your relevant details. If an individual is a resident of U.K. and is above 18-years old then he or she can very easily apply and take advantage of this account.

The Sainsbury’s easy saver account also enables you to get an attractive interest rate of 2.50% AER variable for 12-months. This also gives you the facility of withdrawing from your fund 5-times during those 12-months without giving any notice to the bank. Hence, Sainsbury’s Easy Saver is a fantastic offer for everyone.


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