Sainsbury’s Credit Card

Published on 30 August 2010 by Raffick Marday

Are you intending to go for a new credit card? Sainsbury’s Credit Card is the most trusted and established card that will never let you down, with its customer centric services and credit building facility.

Recent years have shown the increase of credit variability and credit ratio features being offered by finance firms. One among them is Sainsbury Finance which has up scaled its credit period with interest free phase from three to ten months. So what’s unique about the card? Are you wondering if it is suitable for you?

Inside The Deal

Sainsbury’s Credit Card offers a 10 month grace period for interest free option on both balance transfers and other viable categories like on time purchases, making the deal a unique statement in the current market.

Your options curtail without a Nectar card which you can get from the parent site, other benefits like earning points on your expenditure for the first two years. Minimal amounts are also charged for other purchases on the credit card. You can easily redeem your Nectar points with Sainsbury vouchers on purchase of magazines and other electrical goods. The scheme of zero balance interest pay makes Sainsbury a household name across the country. With a credit card as powerful as Sainsbury, life gets better day by day.

What’s The Verdict? Top Tip

Sainsbury’s Credit Card is a superb card if you are looking for balance transfer or getting a new card as you can gain from long interest free track or earn Nectar points from your purchases.

Keep your credit history in good shape. All credit providing services are going to scan through your credit history before they consider you to be eligible for holding credit cards. So you need to get analyzed on credit score from any credit agencies like Equifax, Experian or Callcredit before finalizing on your venture.


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