Sainsbury’s Child Trust Fund

Published on 27 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

Sainbury’s Child Trust Fund has undergone a revision and the government of U.K. has made certain declaration. A child born on or before 1st August 2010 and claimed successfully Child Benefit within 1st November, 2010 then he or she is applicable to receive a £250 voucher. While a child born after 1st August 2010 and before 31st December 2010 and could successfully claimed the important Child Benefit within 31st March, 2011 then he or she is applicable to receive a £50 voucher. Thereafter no voucher is to be issued. Apart from the above dates the baby needs to be a U.K. resident to avail the above facility. These vouchers could be used in many useful and profitable ways and through which a lot could be earned for the future of the child who already started earning by just taking birth in the right time frame.

When a family opens a Child Trust Fund account then that account holder has to make regular monthly payments which will get accumulated and when he or she becomes 18-years then that bulk amount could be used for his or her future stability. This invested money is invested in share markets with experts’ discretion and thus has all the possibilities to gain huge profit from the market making the small investments into huge sum of cash fund. That bulk money will prove to be very useful. It could be used to buy a nice car or could be used for further higher studies or could even be used as an investment towards buying a new house.

Money is an important aspect in all human being and the modern banking system has introduced lots of plans which are so easy and fruitful that earning money in the legitimate way is so easy. Just a little calculative planning and you end up earning a lot for your future and for your children’s future giving them an easier life. Sainbury’s Child Trust Fund is all you need to do that.


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