Sainsbury’s Cash ISA

Published on 27 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

We all know that the priorities for your savings keep on changing. In modern time’s uncertain financial conditions people are more inclined towards a safer place to save for future financial contingencies. Sainsbury’s Cash ISA is just the thing we all are looking for future security. This is a tax free savings and helps us to earn a variable rate of interest of 2.50% AER/gross p.a. for 12-months only thereafter your earning will come back to the current standard variable rate of interest. This is an investor’s dream package.

He or she can transfer all his ISA savings in a single place and can avail the benefit of an attractive rate of interest over his or her entire balance and also has the easy accessibility of all his ISAs under a single shed. An individual can even be helped by expert to choose the right cash ISAs for maximum profit. When the Sainsbury’s Cash ISA is opened then you have the option of depositing the full yearly allowance of £5,100 in a single deposit in your Cash ISA or if you want to go for the regular deposits that is also possible.

Sainsbury has given us lots of facility or advantage whatever you say in this ISA. You can always access your money and get acknowledged with the current status of your ISAs without giving any notice. Sainsbury won’t charge for your ISAs and there are no restrictions over the number of withdrawal you make from your fund in a year. You can only open single cash ISA in a single year and therefore whatever withdrawal you make from that fund you cannot replace in the same financial year. You can also avail the facility of Nectar Card promotions through this. So to have a Sainsbury’s Cash ISA you have to be a U.K. resident and an adult who is above 18-years of age and thereafter avail the earning and secure your life.


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