Sainsbury's Money Card

Published on 17 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Sainsbury’s Money Card caters you with all those amenities and privileges that you have always dreamt of. By accessing the money card, you will be able to administer the financial issues with utmost comfort and flexibility. You also don’t need to bear the hardship of applying for a credit card, as it has been widely acclaimed at over 28 million locations accompanied with 1.5 million of cash machines available worldwide.

The Sainsbury’s Money Card can generally be distinguished into the following categories-

The Sainsbury’s Travel money card: It provides you with extreme convenience and facilities while traveling abroad. By using the Travel money card, you no longer need to visit the money exchange bureau and waste valuable time from your hectic schedule. It can truly be denoted as a proper substitute of the traveler’s cheques.

In addition, it’s also a secured and alternative way of carrying a large amount of cash in your wallet. It efficiently diminishes the risks of identity fraud; it also provides active solutions against the sudden fluctuations in the exchange rates. Again, you won’t be charged with any kind of foreign currency conversion fees. It also firmly resists an individual if the latter engages himself/ herself in leading an extravagant life and becomes a spendthrift. You can even block and unblock your card instantaneously online or through SMS.

The Sainsbury’s Everyday money card: It is one of the most ideal way of distinguishing the payments and bills and supervise all the stuffs related to budgeting. It also effectively protects you from all the fraudulent activities and illegal transactions while shopping online. You can even recharge the card either by bank transfers or online.

How to apply?

An individual must exceed 18 years of age and should be a UK resident while applying for a Sainsbury’s Money Card, accompanied with valid evidences of your identity and address.


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