Sainsbury Prepaid Card

Published on 11 December 2010 by Raffick Marday

Sainsbury Prepaid Cards

Sainsburys has launched three new prepaid MasterCards, the first is an everyday use prepaid card which is aimed to assist you in managing your money and as they are a prepaid card you don't need to apply for credit meaning Sainsbury's offer guaranteed acceptance as long as you pay the application fee. If you preload your card with £500 or more the £9.95 is refunded.

In addition to the everyday Sainsbury's prepaid card there are also two others which are a Sainsbury Euro travel money card and a Sainsbury's dollar travel money cards. As all prepaid cards are MasterCard branded they can be used worldwide and are ideal for shopping online when paying in euros or dollars also when you’re on holiday. With a prepaid Mastercard they are accepted at 30 million locations including 1.5 million ATMs around the world! With an initial top up of £500 or more, £9.95 is refunded

You can use the Sainsbury's Prepaid card for all your everyday shopping. Benefits include:

  • Pay as you go card so no monthly fees
  • Ideal for separating your payments and bills
  • Manage your budgeting
  • Limit exposure to fraud or theft when shopping online
  • Control the amount pre-loaded onto the card
  • No bank account needed and no credit checks required
  • Linked to an eccount
  • Top-up online (credit card 3%, debit card free) and by bank transfer (free)
  • Accepted at 30 million locations including 1.5 million ATMs around the world
  • Manage your card easily online

Sainsburys Travel Money Cards

The Sainsbury's Travel money card gives you real peace of mind when travelling abroad. Benefits include:

  • A convenient alternative to travellers cheques - no need to visit money exchange bureau
  • A secure alternative to carrying large sums of cash
  • Reduce the risk of identity fraud
  • No foreign currency conversion fees
  • Mitigate against fluctuations in exchange rates
  • Control limits and spending on each individual card - ideal for families
  • Block and unblock your card instantly online or via SMS
  • Card valid for two years

Using your Sainsbury prepaid card with paypal, Yes you can use your Sainsbury prepaid card with paypal, however please note that when registering your card on PayPal, a 'pre-authorisation' is carried out to ensure your card is valid. In this case, a pre-authorisation means blocking a small amount of money on your card (usually less than £2) to check that there is available balance. The pre-authorisation expires after 15 days and is never collected from the card. Therefore, in order to register your card on PayPal, please ensure you have a minimum of £2 on your car


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