SafeCard Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 10 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

It is hard to get rid of the bank account procedures, the credit regulation and all the related troubles one has to face in the context of financial matters. Disheveled and mentally disillusioned, we get to see people hoping for better alternatives. This is where the SafeCard Prepaid MasterCard comes into play! The intending customers have their cards issued from the Newcastle Building.

Prepare to keep your wallets and purses light. The SafeCard Prepaid MasterCard does have the caliber to make the plastic money concept sell like hot cakes. This is largely because the very name speaks for the high end monetary security provided by the card issuing authority. Payments are made through the card and you don’t really need to panic about overspending. Being prepaid, the MasterCard prevents the card holder from incurring unwanted debts. Now you don’t need to carry three different cards along with you. All customers have the liberty to make use of their SafeCard just like all the other credit, debit and MasterCards. Rather, the customers can use it for all the transaction purposes they can think of. Cardholders can withdrawal money from all the cash machines that carry the MasterCard logo. This facility is not limited only in UK, now you can draw from anywhere around the world.

Purchasing through SafeCard is equally a pleasurable experience. The cardholders have the power to mange their purchase expenditures both in real time and through online shopping portals with the prepaid card. One can log in to their account and check balances, and can even make balance enquiries through customer care services. In order to apply for the SafeCard Prepaid MasterCard one need to be 18 years of age and also a recognized resident of UK. Before filling up the application form, it is advisable to go through the rules stated under the terms and conditions section to clear out prevailing doubts.


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