RED88 Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 10 September 2016 by Raffick Marday

RED88 Prepaid MasterCard, is your one time, quick and perfect banking solution in UK. The banking facility came into existence with the primary idea of aid the Chinese community living in UK in financial matters. Having said this, just any one can own this MasterCard. What makes this prepaid MasterCard a growing household name, is the simply application procedure that only require identity and address verification from the applicant.

Why go for RED88 Prepaid MasterCard?

With numerous prepaid cards, flooding the economic realm, you could feel like a lost man. The RED88 knows about these dilemmas and provides telephonic counseling to the interested customers. The customers get to learn not only about the specialized benefits of owning the card, but are also intimidated about the application method. To create better understanding between the clients and the RED88 team, the company has developed both Chinese and English speaking customer care platforms. You do have to pay a minimum of £19.95 in order to initialize your account of RED88 Prepaid. Once your card gets functionalized, you have to pay a minimal amount of £6.95 each month.

What are the addition benefits that you can get through the MasterCard?

You can own a prepaid MasterCard of RED88 and buy the second one for your family. The RED88 team handles high profile monetary transactions with greater efficiency. Thus, now the customers get the benefit of acquiring and saving their wages into the RED88 prepaid. Apart from the afore-mentioned advantages, the registered customer will also get the privilege to conduct his balance enquiries and other associated banking functionaries through internet and mobile services. Services like transferring account balances and sending money to friends and relatives located in China is also possible through your RED88 Prepaid MasterCard. Finally you can get rid of overdraft fees and additional bank charges, because RED88 has none of it!


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