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Published on 17 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

With the RBS student current account, you get an interest-free overdraft. Along with that you also get our Uni Essentials pack. In fact you get what you need from your Student Royalties current account – along with benefits you can really use.

The interest-free overdraft and mobile phone banking are just part of the story. But as a first year undergraduate you’ll get even more from your student bank account.

To be eligible for an Interest free overdraft you must use the account as your main bank by making at least one credit every 3 months and 3 debits per month.

The Student account must be your main bank account receiving regular deposits. To be eligible for the Interest free overdraft you must use the account as your main bank. This means making at least one credit every three months and three debits every month.

What Are The Benefits Of The RBS Student Account?

You get cash and overdrafts. To help you budget in your first year, we normally offer a limit of £500 in your first term, £750 in your second term, £1000 in your third term.

You can then apply for up to £1,250 in your second year, £1,500 in your third, £1,750 in your fourth and £2,000 in your fifth.

To maintain your overdraft, we need to see that you’re using your RBS Student Current Account as your main account. This means at least one credit (money paid in) every 3 months, and three debits (money paid out) a month.

The interest-free overdraft facility is only available after your Higher or A-level results, provided you are over 18. Just visit your local branch on or after 5 August with confirmation of your university place.

Overdraft repayable on demand.

Moreover you get up to 56 days’ interest-free credit at a typical 18.9% APR (variable).


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