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Published on 18 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The RBS Revolve current account makes sure that the younger generation learns the right way to deal with their money. To be frank, the account strictly maintains exclusive services to all potential applicants falling within the age group of 11 to 18 years. We believe, this is the right time to teach your growing child the workings of a bank account and help them grow out of their little piggy banks.

RBS Revolve current account shows your child the way to earn even while they are saving in their registered bank account. One can earn healthy interest rates on their savings. In addition to this, they are allowed to handle debit cards. This is going to be advantageous, for now, they will be able to shop and even learn to manage their account through online shopping activities. One can even go creative and can insert and design their individual cards with personal images and alternate artworks. Furthermore, all account holders can download items, top up their mobile accounts through cash outlets.

The RBS Revolve account allows the users to benefit from gross interest rates of 0.55%. Under the same scheme the net rate will amount to 0.44%. The later is calculated after the tax is deducted from the accumulated interest amount. The users and their guardians should understand that the above mentioned issues are always depending on the taxable positions enjoyed by the account holder. New application will have to proof their credibility to the bank authority. In order to own an account, under the circumstances you will have to provide identity proof documents, get your bank signatures verified and residential address checked out. Before applying to the account, you should always read the terms and the policies. This is going to clarify your small doubts and help you in understanding the account functionality better.


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