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Published on 18 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Royal Bank of Scotland or RBS key Account falls under the category of miscellaneous bank account provided by the institution. This account is better known for its specific and basic features and schemes that cater to the elementary needs of targeted applicants.

Speaking o basic features, the RBS Key Account allows users to enjoy the liberty of free banking procedures. This would mean that you are able to withdraw and even deposit money at your own will. All kinds of money transactions can be done through this account. To be more precise, the account helps you to get salary payments and arrange for pension payments from employers without much hassle. All of it goes directly into your account. Having said this, being basic in nature, the account restrains the availability of services like usage of cheque books and acquiring overdrafts through the account name. Managing the account is simple; you can access your account details through online facilities. This is functional through out the year and that to round the clock. In case, you are finding it difficult you will be able to reach out for assistance at the nearest bank branches. In addition to this, you can get monthly statements with transaction details and keep a close watch on money movements.

The RBS Key Account also helps users to pay bills with the help of issued debit cards. Withdrawals can be made from all cash machines in UK and aboard. The same is applicable in cash of UK post offices. You can even top up your mobile phone balance through registered accounts under this scheme. Applicants for this bank account will have to provide identity proofs during the initialization of their personalized bank accounts. They should remember to show legal documents like, age proof, verification options for their signatures and residential address.


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