RBS Instant Access Cash ISA

Published on 1 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The RBS Instant Access Cash ISA guarantees monetary growth each time you deposit in your savings account. Indeed saving the interests through this account is quite beneficial for you will be able to earn from the minimum balance of £1.

The account allows applicants to enjoy instant access to their accumulated funds. Whenever you will need them you can check in and withdraw the needed amount. You can even access your account through various means like online banking, telephonic banking and real time banking. The interest earned through annual rates is calculated on daily basis. The account holders receive the payments at the end of the month of March. Since savings is the main aim of all bank account holders under this particular scheme, the authorities make things far more easier. You can now learn details about your account through the introduced service of digital banking. Instant access rates help you to earn about 0.55% gross amount. This can climb up to 2.00% as per the bank regulations. The account further allows user to save funds up to £5,100 and interests get calculated as per the particular taxable year. The present RBS Instant Access Cash ISA account can also be transferred to other standard accounts by filling up specific application forms, as indicated by bank authorities. Transferred account by the way, do not help you to earn bonus amounts.

The particular Isa account balances are dependant the nature of stocks and shares handled by the client. Users are allowed to hold only one account every taxable year. One can name different ISA providers for one account. One has to be above 16 year of age in order to apply for the scheme. They need to qualify for the UK tax regulations. This is possible when the applicant is a registered UK citizen, or is recognized as UK resident in some equivalent method.


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