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Published on 18 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The RBS Direct Saver is meant for interested account holders who are going to make frequent withdraws from their personal bank accounts at regular intervals. What makes this account user friendly would be its ability to help them earn variable gross interest rates from 1.00%, which can again climb up to 1.50%. This will depend on your individual capacity tot save through out a fiscal year.

The applicants enjoy the privilege of opening their RBS direct saver account with the minimum balance of £1. This would mean, you are at a better position to start earning interests than all the other banking institutions have to offer. The account is available in the unique tiered interest rate scheme. This would mean you are likely to enjoy the constant earning privileges provided throughout the year. Applying for monthly standing orders will aid you to save more than usual. You can access you account anytime, without having to undergo long drawn procedures. This bank account answers your call at the need of the hour. Unlike most financial institution, RBS allows every interested applicant to own an account under this scheme. One doe not need to fulfill the criteria of having a pre existing account before filing their RBS direct saver application form.

Account management does not require too much of interference. You don’t really need to visit the bank branches to check your account transactions. Just log in to your personal account through the online bank website and check bank details round the clock. The interests earned throughout a fiscal year and paid at the completion of the same. The newly introduced digital banking alternative makes banking at RBS a pleasurable experience altogether.

Amount transfer orders usually require the time span of three consecutive working days. During this period the banking procedures are scrutinized by experts.


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