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Published on 15 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Ministry of Sound PrePay Maestro Card eminently allows you to stay in control of your finances and also exempts you from paying any kind of interest charges, credit checks and all other annoying features. In addition, you can also recharge it with cash from post offices or any locations where the PayPoint symbol has been exhibited.

The Ministry of Sound caters you with an appropriate monthly budget excluding all kinds of late fees, over limit fees and similar sort of features. Now, a person is being entitled to load up his/her monthly budget and spend it with utter self-confidence.

Again, once you have decided to put a certain amount of money on your card, the rest of it will remain fully secured. Automatically, this will contribute a lot in respect of enhancing your buying capacity from the web and at the same time will actively protect you from all the identity thefts and fraudulent activities.

In addition, the advanced PIN code facility firmly resists any kind of illegal transactions from your account and provides your card the utmost security. In cases of emergency and dire need of money, even your friends and family members can top up your funds online.

Apart from all these, the Prepay Maestro Card always permits you to check your balances, transaction history, updating your personal details and even re-ordering the PIN on it’s official website.

The Maestro Card even deals with a spot on gift offer for your loved ones. You will be further entitled to choose from a wide range of wallet- pimping designs.

How it works?

With a PrePay Maestro card, an individual can choose the spending limits each and every time he/she loads the card. When you are purchasing something using the card, the price gets deducted from your balance but even if there is inadequate amount in your account, it takes active measures in order to mitigate the issue.


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