PaysU Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 9 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The PaysU Prepaid MasterCard can truly be regarded as one of the most ideal medium of allocating loyalty and corporate payouts. Its sole objective is to grant a convenient and safe alternative of carrying cash in front of the customers. The brand value of the MasterCard further presents it as one of the most reliable and trustworthy apparatus.

What benefits can you get from the PaysU MasterCard?

Being an effective and innovative tool of communication, it highly promotes incentives, loyalties and even rewards and recognitions. The PaysU Card is perhaps one of the most inclusive solutions accompanied with a unique trophy value, specially designed to make the award ceremony both memorable and an accountable one.

Again, due to a complete inducement and reward mechanisms the recipient often gets immensely benefited from the instantaneous recognition that has been correlated with the issuance of the card, accompanied with the assurance from the MasterCard network.

Tariff Summary:

In order to access the PaysU Prepaid MasterCard an individual is supposed to load a minimum amount of ₤10 in the preliminary stage. Again, all the verified card holders are liable to deposit a maximum amount of ₤1000. The PaysU card restricts itself from charging any kind of transaction fees for all the point of sale payment terminals both in UK and abroad. However, you need to pay a minimal amount of 2.75% of foreign exchange fee for all the transactions in the overseas.

The PaysU card also exempts an individual from charging any amount for all sorts of email enquiries in the customer service unit. Even, when you are checking your balances or the recent transactions made online, you won’t be charged with a single amount of pound.

How to apply?

Resembling with the terms and conditions of all other MasterCard Networks, here also a person needs to be a UK citizen surpassing the boundary of 18 years while applying for the PaysU Prepaid MasterCard.


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