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Published on 9 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Oakam Maestro Prepaid Card is mainly a re-loadable one, acquainting with the several facets of a debit card. Being a prepaid card it allows a person to spend only that amount of funds that has been loaded on his/her card. Indirectly, it contributes a lot in averting all sorts of extravagant expenditures or going into an overdraft in an efficient manner.

Features and Benefits:

The Oakam Maestro card fervently permits you to withdraw your funds from any cash machines situated worldwide. By accessing this Maestro card, you will be able to store the money in a much more secured manner, rather than carrying it as cash. You will be further provided with the privileges of purchasing online and even via telephone according to your convenience. You can even mitigate all your queries, such as, checking the balance or the history of your transactions, just logging into your account for a few seconds.

In addition, you can also receive bank transfer payments either from your employer or clients and it further caters you to build a credit history in a vivacious manner.

The Oakam Maestro card also proffers all the benefits of a pay as you go mobile phone. Now, you can recharge your mobile from any Oakam stores, post offices, Paypoints and even from the website www.prepaid.oakam.com.

By using the Oakam Maestro Prepaid Card you will be able to enjoy all the attributes of a Maestro card excluding all kinds of interest fees and penalty overdrafts. It actively enables you to make direct purchases according to your needs. It is accepted in all the cash machines of UK, the only criteria being the registered Maestro, Switch and Solo symbols need to be exhibited.

Who can apply?

To apply for the Maestro prepaid card, an individual must exceed 18 years of age and should be a resident of UK.

The Oakam Prepaid Card lets you load money,spend it, and withdraw it from cash machines. The card also allows you to:

  • Store your money in a safer way than having cash in your wallet
  • View your balance and statements online
  • Make online and telephone purchases giving you access to better deals
  • Make purchases anywhere displaying the Maestro® acceptance mark
  • Get cash-back for FREE
  • Receive your salary from your employer via bank transfer

The Oakam Prepaid Card is a re-loadable card, which acts similarly to a debit card. As it is a Prepaid Card it will only be possible to spend funds available on the card. This helps you to avoid going into an overdraft and paying unexpected charges. To find out more about the Oakam Prepaid Card and Oakam’s Terms and Conditions.


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