Natwest Young Saver Savings Account 2 reviews

Published on 10 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The NatWest young saver savings account is an exclusive account made for children, especially for those under the age of 11. The Natwest Young Saver savings account could aid you in teaching your children about savings. This could prove to be the foundation to the building of your child’s financial future. You are allowed to set up a Standing Order of at least an amount of £ 10 a month into their account, and they will be given a paint-your-own piggy bank – a footballer or ballerina pig.

What Are The Benefits Of Natwest Young Saver Savings Account?

The NatWest young saver savings account is indeed very beneficial. It can be a stepping stone for your child to build a financial career of his and establish himself in future. It is the most beneficial thing you could do for your child if you wish them to learn about savings and the value of money.

We complete your order with paints, provided you set up a Standing Order of at least £10 per month.

We teach your child about savings in their way. We make charts and stickers so that they enjoy learning and learn faster.

The savings are tax free. Most children can get the interest paid tax free on a young saver account. The interest is paid quarterly directly into your account. You get easy access to your child’s account. You can choose how you wish to manage your account. It can be through phone, in-branch or online using internet.

You may open the account in your child’s name. You can arrange this for your child aging between seven years to ten years. You will require to read and approve the application.

You can also hold the account in trust. This means that anyone over 16 can hold this account in trust for a child under 10.


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