NatWest Treasury Reserve Account 2 reviews

Published on 11 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

Now you can enjoy the money market rate with the incredible Treasury reserve. The interest rate of this account is associated with the rates of London money markets. If you have surplus amount and you want to invest it at a reliable institution and get maximum benefits out of it, then Treasury Reserve deposit account is the surest answer for you. If you want to invest your money for a fixed term of period but if you want to access your funds then this account won’t be suitable for you.

There are several benefits of this unique Treasury Reserve account. You know exactly how much you are getting in return for your investment. This is a very ideal facility provided to you by the bank. This account is very flexible as the term of deposit can extend from overnight up till 12 months. The rate of return can be fixed daily, according to the London money market rates. This account can be used very easily. You just have to book your deposit accordingly from 8:30 am till 3 pm on working days.

The major feature of the Treasury Reserve deposit account is that, the minimum deposit of the account is interrelated to the span of time you want your money to be deposited. If you want to fix the term deposit overnight then the minimum deposit required is £250,000, for a 2+ days deposit span the minimum deposit amount would be £250,000, where as for depositing your money for more than 7 days the minimum deposit of £50,000 is required and for fixed term deposit of more than 28 days, the minimum deposit of £25,000 is requisite. You can also have a word with your Relationship Manager for information about an up-to-the-minute rate. These deposits are subjected London money market rates and can vary according to the changes in the market.


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