Natwest Treasury Reserve 2 reviews

Published on 10 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

With the NatWest treasury reserve you can reap the benefits of London money market interest rates when you are investing large sums of money, even if it is for a very short time period.

What Are The Key Features And Benefits Of Natwest Treasury Reserve?

The NatWest treasury reserve account is very beneficial. With this you gain a lot from the London money market rates. This is just the exclusive facility of this account of ours. The best part is, even if you invest for a very short duration, you reap the gains.

The money market rates are amazing for you when you are a part of Natwest treasury reserve. We will quote for you attractive indicative interest rates even before you put in your funds and trust us with our finances! There are fixed interest rates. This means that you could be protected from “would be” decreases in interest rates for the fixed period of your deposit. The terms are flexible. We have offered our clients a wide range of fixed term options. This can vary from overnight term or you can have a term up to one year!

The timings to place your deposits are also very convenient. This means, you can place a deposit anytime between 8:30 am up to 3pm, on any of the working days. There is no maximum balance or upper limits mentioned on how much you are allowed to hold on deposit. However we specify minimum balance. It is as follows-

For overnight fixed deposit, the minimum balance is £ 250,000. For anything more than 2 days of fixed deposit, the minimum balance is £ 250,000. For making a deposit of more than 7 days, the minimum balance is supposed to be £ 50,000.for more than 28 days, the minimum balance is supposed to be £ 25,000.


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