NatWest Special Edition Bonds 1 review

Published on 11 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

If you want huge returns for your investment, then NatWest Special Edition bonds are available for you. The present edition of this special bond is the ‘Autopilot’ (Issue 7). The bond is strategized in such a way to provide you benefits from diversified portfolio of four markets. The bond is issued for a five years term, which is fixed. You cannot withdraw your deposits before that term. The minimum amount of deposit is £10,000 and there is no maximum limit of investment. For the current tax year, the maximum Autopilot Bond deposit is £5,100. The maximum positive performance every month is confirmed at 6.75% for each of the market sector.

Moreover, all the fees are allowed in terms of product. If you apply for these Special Edition bonds before 17th November then you will earn a rate of interest which is equal to the base rate base rate, till the date of your bond starts. The returns on your investment are dependent upon Market Sector performance and are subjected to monthly restriction on upward movement of the market. 20% of tax is levied on the Autopilot bond. Interest over the bond will be paid on gross basis.

The Special Edition bonds (Autopilot) is so designed, that you will get the complete amount you have deposited irrespective of any changes in the market scenario until the bond reaches its maturity date. But if you withdraw the deposited amount before the maturity date then your return will vary according to the market value and your expenses will also be excluded and the amount can be less than the original deposit including any cash ISA allowance. So if you want great value for your money then you will have to keep the required amount up to the maturity period, as partial withdrawals are also not allowed in this bond.


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